Lake Country Cares is about protecting the health of our residents, visitors, and businesses. As our businesses take the lead by following simple COVID-19 safeguards, we as individuals can return the favor by doing the same. It’s our community promise to take care of each other by adopting easy and effective practices. We’re safer together.

By social distancing, shielding our breath, and washing our hands, we’re helping our regional businesses recover, and we’re reducing the risk that businesses will have to close again. Together, we can help protect our communities and save our local businesses—think of this as the new “Minnesota Nice.”


Breathe Safely
It’s OK to have a secret identity! Masks, shields, and barriers are great ways to be Minnesota Nice.


According to the CDC, the virus spreads easily between people through respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks. An infected person may not even be showing symptoms. That’s why masks and other barriers are highly recommended even though they aren’t perfect.


Cloth face coverings, face shields, countertop shields, other physical barriers.


Walk Safely
Six feet is really neat! Make Paul Bunyan proud by staying two axe handles away from other lumberjacks.


According to the CDC, the virus spreads when people are in close enough contact for airborne droplets to travel between mouths and noses. That’s the science behind social distancing.


Awareness of personal space, planning your path, avoiding groups.


Touch Safely
Wash your paws and avoid touching! Surface cleaner and hand soap are the new aromas of caring in Lake Country.


According to the CDC, it may be possible for someone to become infected by touching a surface or object and then touching their own mouth, nose, or eyes. That’s why hygiene and sanitation are considered good safety precautions.


Frequently washing hands for 20 seconds, hand sanitizer, routine cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces.

Stay Safe MN

Click on the button below to view the state’s Stay Safe Plan for all Minnesotans.

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